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Nominal was founded by wife and husband, Lena & Akram, to give people an avenue to express their language, culture, or values. We're all unique, and that means we share common ground in knowing that we all have something in us worth expressing.

Wear jewelry proudly. Wear identity proudly.

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a m♻re sustainable future

Jewelry | Made from pure 302 stainless steel. Minimal energy is used to produce this eco-friendly recyclable metal.

Pouches | Made from a recyclable cotton.

Bubble Mailers | Created from LDPE, a recyclable thermoplastic made from natural gas.

Kraft Boxes | Recyclable, sourced from local mills, created from wood pulp, & is not color treated, which reduces chemical usage.

Hijab Packaging | 100% plant-based compostable bag, which can convert to soil.