Meaningful Accessories ft. Henna Choudhary

These two minimal yet stunning pieces in particular hold a very special significance in my heart, the vertical reading Faith | إيمان and the horizontal Peace | سلام 

Both of these irreplaceable values have been instilled in me throughout my upbringing and have become such a core staple of my character as they are deeply embedded and meshed throughout every aspect of my life.

Not just retaining faith in God and through religion, but constantly fostering faith in yourself, your loved ones, and each and every soul you cross paths with, stemming out into the world and the universe at large.  Spreading peace and harmony not just between nations, religions, cultures, and individuals, but also remembering to protect intrapersonal peace within the soul, body, mind, and spirit always ❤️ To me, it always has and will always dwindle back down to faith and peace ☯️💕 - Henna Choudhary

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Iman // Faith Necklace

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