Ramadan Campaign for Yemen

The worst humanitarian crisis in the world is happening right now, as I'm writing this, in Yemen. For over five years, over twenty million people in Yemen have been at risk for famine, and without the proper aid, that number will continue to grow. In the month of Ramadan, especially, we are blessed to have access to food and water to break our fast every single evening, but not everyone can say the same for themselves.

Especially during these times with the COVID outbreak, not only are those in less equipped countries at even more risk, but this gives us, as privileged people, more of a reason to donate and help. Recently, the first case of COVID-19 was identified in Yemen, and as it begins to spread, the impact will be devastating. Only half of the health centers there are fully functional, with limited equipment all around. This campaign is critical now more than ever. 

Islamic Relief is on the ground, responding to the identified gaps to support Yemen such as:

Establishing quarantined centers

Distributing supplies and equipment such as beds, blankets, and food.

Distributing medical supplies to health facilities, including PPE.

Distributing hygiene kits and canned food to the quarantine centers.

This fundraiser is to support these efforts, in addition to the food packages that families normally need during Ramadan. 

Your donation can be as little as $5, and absolutely limitless, but the impact will be grand, especially in Allah's eyes. We hope that during this time, where we are all apart, we can prove that we can truly come together more than ever. Ramadan Kareem, from the Nominal Team, and we thank you for your contributions. 

Let's make a difference: 



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