Untangle Your Necklace in 5 Minutes or Less

You know that feeling when you have on an outfit and all you need to elevate it to the next level is the perfect necklace. You finally think of the perfect necklace, only to discover that it is tangled and knotted and requires more than just a simple fix. Well, I’ve got the perfect fix for you.

First, find a clear work space and take a second to determine how tight the knot is. The tighter the knot, the more materials the untangling may take. Remember that patience is key and the process can be time consuming and stressful [especially with more stubborn knots], but the end result is worth it. The supplies that you will need are a straight pin [can be a safety pin, opened paper clip, or even be substituted by a pair of tweezers for looser knots], baby or mineral oil, and baby powder.

Start by unclasping your necklace and separating the two ends of the chain to prevent further tangling. The only thing worse than a tangled necklace is an even more tangled necklace. Then, using the straight pin, begin loosening the knot. This can be done by inserting the straight pin in between the loops of the knot and carefully pulling them apart. If the knot does not budge, add a couple drops of the oil and gently massage it into the knot to help loosen it and then begin the straight pin method. If the knot persists, wipe off the oil and sprinkle baby powder on the knot and follow with the straight pin.

If your knot proves to be quite stubborn, you may want to consider going to a jeweler who will have special tools for these types of cases. If your necklace is valuable and you do not want to risk damaging it, a jeweler may be the right choice for you as well

To prevent future knots consider:

  1. Using a designated jewelry organizer/box to separate your necklaces.
  2. Hanging your necklaces.
  3. Threading a necklace through a straw to prevent tangling [this is especially helpful when traveling with jewelry].
  4. Or, you can cut two slits on opposite ends of a business card and thread each end of the chain through them.

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