What My Name Means To Me:

So we asked our Instagram family what their names mean to them, and we got an overwhelming response:

Ekram | @Rania_Yaak: For me my name means my identity, my lifestyle. ❤ Defines who I am and the person I show to the world as well as a feel of uniqueness 🌌 İt reminds me of who I am and how proud I have to be to fight for what I want ✨❤

Sadaf | @Sadaf_Usman07: My name means queen of sea pearls ❤️ I used to hate my name because it’s really different and people couldn’t say it right but my grandpa used to say you are as beautiful and precious as a pearl thousands of feet below the earth in sea protected by shells and fun fact is it takes hundreds and thousands of years to make a real pearl.

Maryam | @_.dz.m: My name reminds me of the strength of isa‘s ( عليه سلام) mother, and it reminds me to be like her and put my faith in and obey Allah no matter what people say ❤️

Shama | @ShamaShaikh: شمعة means candle light, I’m a source of light for others as a give from myself.

Onss | @Onssx: Onss (أُنس) means a good companion; Or الأُنس بالله the connection with God. I try to act upon my name with my friends and faith.

Minhal | @Minhal_K: منهل means fresh water falling down (Minhal). It helps me to keep myself clean and clear for other and to serve others.

Aroob | @Aroobz_: I’ve always been told very vague and different things about the meaning behind my name, Aroob. So I’ve decided that my name will become a story. It’s meaning is now a work in progress - under construction - until I’ve figured out how the story ends.

Kirat | @Adventuresofayogi_: I used to hate my name when I was younger because it was hard to say, it was a boy’s name and my classmates would call me “carrot.” I wasn’t even sure how it was pronounced until I asked my parents. The funny thing is that every member of my family says it differently but now that is okay. It’s okay because I am different. Who I am and how I choose to express myself is as unique as the many ways in which people call out to me. 🐙 Kirat.

Hira | @Hira_Saeed: My name came from the the cave of “Hira” during the prophets time! It’s where the prophet hid when he was seeking shelter from his worried and would meditate! Also it means diamond.

Asana | @AsanaSiddiqui: Arabic name meaning one who rises high in life

Nisaa | @NisaaChaudhry: Nisaa - named after the fourth Surah in the Holy Quran, meaning “woman." To me, I represent the most powerful group of individuals on earth and will continue to help women in my hopeful career as an OB/GYN. ❤️

Batool | @BatoolChaudhry: Batool بتول originating from Arabic means God-fearing and Devoted to God. This was also given as a nickname to Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) daughter Fatima due to her pious and ascetic character.

Amira | @AmooraFay: Amira; أميرة; It means princess or beautiful in Arabic! My grandma named me on the spot as soon as I was born. My mom was originally set on the name Sarah, but once my grandma took that first glance at me when I was just seconds old, she said I was too precious to be named anything other than princess; Amira ♥️

Wahidah | @Wniek (واحيدة): Several meanings but I identify with: “the one and only.” Growing up, I didn’t like my name much because it was so different from anyone I knew but as I’ve gotten older, I realize and appreciate how powerful my name is: it’s a reminder that we’re born to stand out and that there’s truly something special about being the only you. Sometimes what sets us apart can feel like a burden but it’s not, most times, it’s what makes us great.

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