2021 Nominal Ramadan Box Competition

Salam Nominal Fam!

We have been reminiscing on all the talented individuals who submitted their beautiful art for our 2020 Ramadan Box Competition.

With Ramadan just a couple of months away, we want to invite you to our second Ramadan Box Competition!

You will be designing the exterior of a box with a black base.

Box Dimensions


This year, the ball is in your court, with minimal guidelines.

The guidelines:

- Colors: Blue, Red, and White.

- Only design the exterior.

That's it! The rest is all up to you. Our goal is to allow you the space to express yourselves within the Ramadan theme.



Submit your design to Ramadan@Nominalx.com.

We will be accepting submissions until February 22nd, and the winner will be announced on February 28th!


The winner will receive a $250 Nominal Gift Card and their signature printed alongside the box.

Thank you for your interest and good luck!


Need inspiration? Here are the top 15 submissions from last year!